About me

Stefan @ science slam in Lübeck

This is me at a science slam in Lübeck where I talked about "Soccer, robotics, and resursive state estimation".

Hey, I'm Stefan. I'm a developer interested in machine learning, open data, open source, simplicity, security and cryptography, python, elixir, functional programming, programming languages in general, and cooking.

Feel free to contact me via email: my_firstname dot otte at gmail dot com.

Short Bio

Currently, I'm a Data Scientist at The unbelievable Machine Company.

Before that, I was Head of Technology at Karosso doing data science in python and developing a real time bidding engine in elixir/OTP.

And before that, I was a research scientist at the Machine Learning and Robotics Lab (MLR) at the University Stuttgart, Germany, applying machine learning methods in the fields of robotics. More specifically, I applied active learning methods to enable robots to detect degrees of freedom by manipulating their environments. My supervisor was Prof. Marc Toussaint.

Before that I studied Computer Science (Bachelor 2012 and Master 2013) at the Freie Universität Berlin specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. I was part of the FUmanoids robot soccer team for four years and together we won many national and international awards/competitions.

I also worked as a programmer at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in the Department for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition on the EU project LarKC.